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About Labrador Cargo

Labrador Cargo is owned by Marlene Jürgensen. Marlene is a trained forwarding agent and has worked in the field since 1997.

Marlene Jürgensen Labrador Cargo

Trophy shipping is more than shipping

Every forwarding agent can move cargo from one point to another. But when we are dealing with game hunting trophies a lot of specific rules, registrations and licenses applies.
Labrador Cargo is specialized in shipping of trophies, why we are registered as an approved forwarding agent of trophies plus we know all about CITES-permissions and veterinarian certifications etc.
That we are specialized in exactly the field of trophy transport means that we monitor the development on the market closely and that we consistently increase our knowledge within shipping of hunting trophies.

A shipping company with strong customer relations

Opposite from than a lot of “industrial” forwarding agents we at Labrador Cargo have a close contact with our customers and partners.
We have worked with a lot of our partners for several years.

All our customers have fantastic hunting stories to tell – and by handling the transport, Labrador Cargo gets to be a small part
of the many stories.

We put great emphasis on good customer relations, why it is important for us to create and maintain a good contact with every one of our customers.


About Labrador Cargo

Why did we choose the name Labrador Cargo?

We believe that the labrador dog is one of the best retrieving dogs there is. The Labrador dog will fetch the hunted game.
We do the same! You shoot, we fetch.

5 tips:

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