Below you may read what some of our customers have to say about us:

  • 2/22-15“Hi, well I guess you folks have been responsible for most of this getting to my home. He, the leopard looks better hanging on the tree, but it is a great African room, almost as many antiques as trophies.. My wife has informed me that if I bring home either that I could well find myself on the wall. I feel safe as there is no more wall space!!! Thank you for bearing with me and the shipping. It really was all worthwhile.. GB ” – Denmarkunnamed (1)unnamed
  • “Hello my name is Matz Bolin. I have used Labrador Cargo (Marlene D Jürgensen) to transport some of my firends’ together with my own trophies from Africa. It has worked impeccably, and we received the trophies at our home. When using Labrador Cargo you will constantly receive information about delivery, which I really appreciate. I would recommend their services to everyone I know. Kind regards Matz Bolin” – Sweden
  • “Dear Marlene. Thank you for your help taking home my trophies from Namibia. It is impressive that you took over so quickly after I had received so bad service from another forwarding agent. Now I am looking forward to working with you in the future. Love Bent Lærche” – Denmark
  • “Labrador Cargo is a highly professional and friendly company to work with for transporting your hunting trophies. They very quickly and efficiently arranged the collection of my trophies from Namibia and began transporting them back to Denmark. I was informed throughout the whole process, so I was in no doubt as to where my trophies were at any time. Once they cleared Danish customs and a thorough check by Labrador Cargo, they were immediately dispatched to my home address in the Highlands of Scotland where delivery can be lengthy at the best of times. However within a week of leaving Denmark my trophies were hanging on my wall in perfect condition. I would highly recommend Labrador Cargo to anyone considering transportation of their prized hunting trophies. Phillip Grant” – Scotland
  • “I would like to thank you for your help with my trophies. We were informede about where they were at all times. They are to be delivered to us on Monday. We are so happy that they are finally finding their way home to us. Thank you for great service. Kind regards Urpo och Gun-Britt” – Sweden
  • “Labrador Cargo delivered hide from Canada. We received current updates, and the hide were delivered as agreed to taxidermist Erik Mørch. Fair price. Great service. Love Bo Simonsen” – Denmark
  • “Norsk Jaktformidling has for many years used a Canadian company to deliver our trophies. After we tried Labrador Cargo, and the cooperation went smoothly, we are happy that we are using them today. Not only do they keep Norsk Jaktfomidling informed frequently, but when they are delivering directly to the customer, they also communicate all they need to know about their trophies. Therefore, we would like to thank Labrador Cargo for always performing to perfection. Kind regards Jan Gustavsen – Norsk Jaktformidling” – Norway
  • “Dear Marlene! Now my trophies have arrived! Everything was in good condition. I thank you so very much, you have given me good and plenty information during the transport. A big thank you and my warmest greetings! Have a nice spring and summer! Göran Forsgård” –  Åland
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